Several times a year, the Sri Vidya Temple conducts “Youth Learning Sessions” (YLS) for youth aged 13 to 26. The sessions, which are held over a weekend or the week-long Winter Break, include a mix of classes and seva opportunities, along with participation in regular Temple pujas and activities.

The sessions generally build on and expand the material presented during the yearly “Vibhuti Saivite Immersion” (VSI Camp). The Youth Learning Sessions provide a more rigorous exploration of Sanatana Dharma and important aspects of the Sri Vidya Temple and its traditions. It’s not necessary to attend each day’s sessions.

Criteria for Acceptance into the Program

Due to the in-depth nature of the program and the sacredness of the teachings involved, participants are expected to observe a certain level of discipline. Ideally, youth who wish to attend the sessions should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Attended the VSI Camp at least once
  • Attended a previous Winter Learning Session
  • Have volunteered at the Temple for at least one year

More Info and How to Register

The YLS Course Description below provides more information about the program. Sessions are held every one to two months, depending on the Temple festival calendar, and it’s not necessary to attend the full session.

Sessions will be announced by email, so please make sure you have joined the Temple email list.

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The next session coming up is the special “Winter Learning Session” that takes places over winter break. Please use the WLS Registration Form to register for each session.

Sri Vidya Temple Society

Youth Learning Sessions – 2019

The Youth Learning Sessions (YLS) are designed as intensive learning sessions for youth aged 13-26 who are keen on exploring Sanatana Dharma and the spiritual and cultural traditions practiced at the temple, including Tamil Saivite traditions and Sri Vidya.  For youth who have been attending Vibhuti Saivaite Immersion (VSI), or the Winter Learning Sessions (WLS), YLS provides further opportunities to continue learning in a group setting and to dive deeper into the practices and traditions of Sri Vidya and Sanatana Dharma. It is also intended as a training ground for future VSI counselors and junior counselors.

Each YLS session is designed to span the course of a weekend and integrate ongoing temple activities and seva opportunities, to aid the practice of what is being learned in a real temple setting. The structure and content is largely modeled after the well-received WLS sessions. There will also be semi-formal sessions and a variety of topics available to choose from, which will allow participants to delve deeper into topics of their choice. 

There will be various sessions and activities that span the course of the weekend and it may not be possible for everyone to attend every session. As a result, attendance for every session is not necessary and the youth are encouraged to come and participate in the sessions they are available for.

The sessions will be coordinated by the organizers and may include guest lectures and interactive sessions with Haran Aiya and other senior temple community members.

Sri Vidya Temple

Some of the topics expected to be covered include the life histories of saints, how to set up and perform pujas, meditative techniques, Ashtanga Yoga, the ashta paashas, etc. In addition, there will be a number of topics available to select from that will be covered based on the collective request of the participants.

Ideally, youth who wish to attend the sessions should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Attended the VSI Camp at least once
  • Attended a previous Winter Learning Session
  • Have volunteered at the Temple for at least one year

Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Education Coordinator.

For maximum benefit, it’s recommended that students commit to practicing what they learn in the sessions

  • The class will meet in person at the temple, and will feature a mix of formal lecture sessions, semi-formal sessions, practical and seva activities.
  • Sessions will also be recorded for later viewing.
Materials for each class will be posted to a shared course folder (Google Drive)
  • Anagayan Ariaran
  • Sarrangan Yoganathan

Please feel free to contact Anagayan ( or Sarrangan ( for any questions regarding the course.

All course materials used in this course including text documents, audio and video recordings are the property of the Sri Vidya Temple Society. Course participants may keep a copy for their personal use. Please get prior permission from SVTS Administration for any other form of reproduction or sharing.