Every summer, the Sri Vidya Temple conducts an overnight youth program on the Temple premises for kids aged 10 to 18. The program is known as “Vibhuti Saivaite Immersion,” or “VSI,” because we strive to immerse the kids in the rich traditions of Saiva culture. As our Temple is a “Learning Temple,” it’s an ideal place for kids to get involved and truly experience the wealth of Saiva philosophy and worship.

Activities involve learning devotional chants like Siva Puranam and Sri Suktam, learning rangoli and other traditional temple arts, singing bhajans with Aiya, learning about great saints, and much more. Of course, there are also games and fun activities like sports, a nature outing, and an all-vegetarian barbecue picnic.

Through inspirational talks from guest speakers and informal conversations with counselors, each child is encouraged to find his or her own personal connection with Saiva culture and devotion in a fun-filled and pristine natural setting.

VSI 2021 Registration is Now Open!

Sri Vidya Temple’s VSI summer youth program is happening this year (virtually, until further notice).

If you wish to enroll your children into the program as a participant (ages 10-15) or junior counselor (JC) (ages 16-18), click below to learn how:

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If you wish to apply to be a counselor (ages 19 and up), click below to learn how:

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