Sri Vidya means “auspicious wisdom.” It refers to the wisdom of the universal divine consciousness that exists within all beings. It is also the name of a path to that wisdom that involves mental and ritual worship of that divine consciousness in the form of Divine Mother.


To enable the spiritual growth of individuals and communities, and promote living in harmony with one’s social, cultural and physical environment, by empowering all sincere seekers to understand and participate fully in the sacred practices of Sanatana Dharma and Sri Vidya.


To be a “learning temple” to the world, preserving and spreading the knowledge, rituals and traditions of Sri Vidya and Sanatana Dharma, based on the principles of open and equal access, inclusivity, intellectual inquiry, and youth involvement.

We create learning opportunities by encouraging active participation by one and all in our temple festivals; by producing books, audio and videos; by offering workshops and classes to demystify and explain concepts, rituals and meditational practices for all age groups; and by empowering the youth in our community to be involved in every aspect of the temple.

All of this is done with the power of a strong volunteer core. Our mission is grounded in the values of “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam”—this world is one family.