Temple festivals and major events are fixed each year, determined largely by the lunar calendar. So how can you celebrate days of special significance to you, a family member, or friend?

To commemorate special days like a birthday, wedding anniversary, or a career milestone, we organized a unique program – Visesha Divotsavam (Special Day Blessings).

The Visesha Divotsavam allows you to choose a specific day/occasion to have a puja performed on your behalf (or that of a family member or friend). All that is required is your information, and once completed, we package and mail the blessed prasadam out to you.

Who is this for?

Of course, anyone can arrange for a Visesha Divotsavam. But we recognize that the temple is less accessible to some than others. That is why we organized this program particularly for the following:

  • Those who cannot visit the temple frequently
  • Those who may miss upcoming temple festivals
  • Those who are are balancing many different priorities in their lives 

The Visesha Divotsavam program lets you establish a unique connection with the Mother through a day that is especially meaningful to you, on your terms! It is also a remarkable gift to offer someone special on a day of great significance to them.

Choosing a special day

What you celebrate this year is entirely up to you. You can choose one day, two days, or four different days throughout the year to commemorate with a Visesha Divotsavam. To arrange your own Visesha Divotsavam today, visit the link below:

Choose My Visesha Divotsavam

Proceeds from each special day requested will directly contribute to the granite temple construction project. You can learn more about the granite temple project below.

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