Steady Progress in Granite Carving Work in India

Temple devotee Sri Naveen Madhudi visited Sri Muthiah Sthapathi’s workshop in Devakottai in Tamil Nadu and met with his son M. Srinivasan Sthapathi and inspected the completed stone structures of the Ganapati Sannidhi. It was assembled using shims and will be disassembled prior to shipment to Rush, NY. Prior to disassembly; punch markings will be made to facilitate the realignment of all stone blocks at the temple construction site in Rush, NY. 

The finish, accuracy of stone cutting, and details are spectacular! The dome was assembled but kept separately due to its heavyweight. We are working with Sthapathi to prepare the shipping documents. 

The pace of stonework has understandably been impacted by Covid-induced lockdowns, labor shortages, and disruptions in the supply of granite.  The temple has therefore decided to initiate parallel carving work on the next phase – the Subrahmanya temple. This will be carved in a workshop located in Chennai for which Sthapathi will start purchasing the needed stone blocks soon. 

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