Site Work Progress

After mobilizing on-site and installing the NYS-required elements, the contractor has stripped the entire site of topsoil, cut and filled the building pad to -18”, constructed to sub-grade the new driveway, and is approximately 75% complete on the storm basin construction.  No construction has been completed on the perimeter drainage or storm drainage system.  All utilities to the existing house have been disconnected and the house needs to be emptied to ready for demolition.  The existing lights and poles have been removed in preparation for relocation and we are preparing an estimate for that work.  The permanent Spectrum service has been relocated and terminated at the existing Temple and Library.  The contractor has maintained an excellent effort since first mobilizing with no breakdowns, spills, or safety concerns. On another note; 32 trees have been cut and some of the tree trunks have been saved on another location on-site for possible use as firewood after proper drying.

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