Our main abhishekam program is held every Saturday. The program starts at 9:30 AM with Kamadhenu Puja and ends with lunch, which is usually between 2 and 3 PM. Everyone who comes will have the opportunity to offer milk to Ganapati, Devi and Siva with their own hands. Whenever possible, newcomers will also have the chance to perform abhishekam to Devi with the energized sanka tirtham from the Kalasa Puja.

Please be advised that we have a dress code in our Temple

The sequence of events for our Saturday program is as follows

Participation is Welcome and Encouraged

As we are a “Teaching Temple,” we always encourage visitors to participate, either by chanting with us, or doing seva, or performing abhishekam with your own hands. We welcome you to join in the chanting, to whatever extent you are capable. Even if you are not familiar with Vedic suktas, Lalita Sahasranama or Siva Puranam, you can still chant “Aim Hrim Srim” when you hear everyone else chanting. You might wonder, “What use is there in chanting three small sounds?” Though the sounds are small, there is tremendous spiritual power packed inside them, just as the powerful nuclear energy is packed inside the tiny atom.

As mentioned above, we encourage everyone to perform milk abhishekam with their own hands during the program. It’s hard to predict when the abhishekam will be done, but it usually takes place some time between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Many may wonder, What actually happens when we pour the milk? How can it help me? According to the divine sages of ancient India, pouring milk on an energized murti has the power to remove the impurities from the physical, mental/emotional and subtle bodies.

As you wash the deities, you are also being washed of any planetary doshas, limitations, and karmic hindrances. In our Temple, Lord Siva exists in the form of “Sri Nilakantha Prana Lingeswara,” and he is made of lapis lazuli, a beautiful blue stone associated with Saturn; thus, performing milk abhishekam on a Saturday to such a Siva Lingam will be tremendously powerful in removing any ill effects from Lord Sanaiswara. The more we wash away these karmic impurities, the more we will experience inner peace, radiant health, and true spiritual joy. So it is a tremendous blessing to have this chance, which is rarely given in any traditional Hindu temple.

Helpful Information

More helpful information is available on our Visitor Info page. Lunch is usually served between 2 and 3 PM, and like every meal, it is served for free to all who come. If you are interested in sponsoring the program by participating in the Kalasa Puja and Homam, please call the Temple to learn more and schedule your participation.