Sannidhi Work & More Good News!


In Rush, NY:

As of now, approximately 60% of Phase 1’s local construction has been completed successfully. Currently, due to the freezing point temperature, the construction has been paused for the time being. All the progress that has been made so far has been carefully protected to withstand the harsh winter season. This ensures that the work that has already been completed will remain unaffected and that the project can continue as soon as the weather conditions permit. The pause in construction may cause some delay in the project timeline, but with proper protection measures in place, the progress made so far will not be lost.

In India:

The construction of the Ganapati sannidhi for the Rajagopuram Granite Temple project is almost complete, with 95% of the work finished. The work has already been transported to Chennai to undergo the final finishing touches before being shipped to the temple.

The Subrahmanya sannidhi work is continuing in Devakottai. This sannidhi will be for Śrī Vaḷḷī, Dēvasēnā samēta Śrī Subrahmaṇya Svāmi (Śikhivāhana Svāmi). It is similar in dimension and size to the Ganapati sannidhi. Additionally, there will be Shodasa Subrahmanya vigrahams around this sannidhi as well.

More Good News!

We have started discussing the descriptions and the negotiations for the cost of the Devi sannidhi, which is the mulasthanam of this Rajagopuram Granite Temple.

Latest News

Fibre Glass

Due to the extreme temperature variance in this part of the world, using granite on the exterior and exposed surface of the temple may not be as feasible. Although this will be done wherever possible, fibre glass will also be used to withstand the weather conditions posed in this northern region of the world as using granite entire on the exterior surface may result in several long-term maintenance concerns. All inner main sanctums and inner portions of the temple will still be constructed with granite, as previously planned.

We are currently working on receiving estimations for Phase I (Ganapati & Subrahmanya Sannidhis) for the fibre glass work.


Visesha Divotsavam (Special Day Blessings):

Through the divine grace of Devi and your support, we have grown into a renowned, unique ‘teaching temple’, center for Sanatana Dharma and Sri Vidya.

We are defined by our core values:

  • Direct, equal, and universal access to learning and practice of Sanatana Dharma
  • Empowerment of women and youth
  • Bringing scientific inquiry to ancient spiritual practices

We have created a new annual giving program called Visesha Divotsavam (Special Day Blessings). You can select special days that are important to you and your family. Puja will be performed on those days. Special blessed prasadam will be sent to you.

All donations received will be used toward the Rajagopuram project. Upon donating you will receive a separate email with instructions for registering your special days. Click here to celebrate your special day with this program.

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