A First-Ever Maharudram Held on Maha Sivaratri!

The Sri Vidya Temple is pleased to announce that a first-ever “Maharudram” will be performed on Maha Sivaratri! This year, Sivaratri is from Feb 21 – 22, 2020. Please see below for the significance, program, and information about sponsorship and participation opportunities. Please feel free to share the Maharudram flyer with others who may be interested.

The Spiritual Power of a Maharudram on Maha Sivaratri

Outside of an Atirudram, the Maharudram is the most powerful and auspicious worship of Lord Siva, bringing His supreme divine grace and blessings to all who witness such an event.

During the Maharudram, 121 Ritwiks will complete a total of 1,331 Rudra parayanas and 121 Rudra homas. To witness or participate in such auspicious and powerful activities during Maha Sivaratri is an unimaginable blessing!

For devotees of Lord Siva, Maha Sivaratri is the most sacred night of the year. Sri Chaitanyananda (Aiya) has said that on this night, all the granthis, or knots, in the sushumna nadi are completely open and ready to receive divine energy and blessings. Normally they are closed and do not allow too much energy to enter, but when they open on this powerful night, a tremendous flood of spiritual energy and blessings comes into our minds, our hearts and our lives.

The Sivaratri Maharudram is being jointly conducted by the Sri Vidya Temple and the GRD Iyers GuruCool. The GuruCool was started by Sri Ramesh Natarajan together with his wife Sridevi Gayathri in 2002 and provides training in stotras, Vedic suktas and various religious practices to all sincere seekers, regardless of caste or gender.

Event Program


Preliminary pujas will start at 4PM and the main program will start by 6PM and go until 6-8AM on Saturday, Feb 22.

The main program includes Maha Sankalpam, Sri Rudra Prana Pratishta, Sri Rudra Kalasa Puja, Ekadasa Rudra Parayanam, Ekadasa Rudra Homam, Sri Rudra Trisati Archana.

As always, all who attend will have the chance to perform abhishekam to Sri Ganapati, Sri Rajarajeswari and Sri Siva. All devotees will also get the chance to offer bilva leaves to eleven special Sivalingas worshipped throughout the night. And of course, there will be melodious bhajans throughout the entire night.

Divine Sponsorship and Participation Opportunities

For those who would like to sponsor this divine event and receive blessed prasadam, several sponsorship and participation opportunities are available. Please fill out the 2020 Maharudram Sponsorship Form to sponsor.

All sponsors will receive a blessed thread and kumkum/vibhuti, and will be included in the Sivaratri sankalpam. 

Sankalpam Sponsorship: Sponsors will be included in the Sivaratri sankalpam.

Ahuti Sponsorship: Sponsors will offer one ahuti of auspicious items to Lord Siva during the homa.

To sponsor, please fill out the 2020 Maharudram Sponsorship Form.

Suggested Dress Code

In honor of the sacredness of Sivaratri, it’s recommended that all devotees wear traditional clothes (veshti with angavastram, kurta pajama, sari, or half-sari). Ideally, the clothes would be cotton or silk and in auspicious colors only (not black).

Wearing these kinds of auspicious clothes with rudraksha, along with applying kumkum and vibhuti, helps us to receive the maximum blessings on this most holy of nights. 

Om Namah Sivaya!