Devipuram Severely Damaged by Cyclone Hudhud



 A Message to Our Brothers and Sisters:

We have just learned that Devipuram, Guruji’s ashram near Visakhapatnam, has been severely damaged by Cyclone Hudhud, which tore through Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.

We are relieved to report that no one in Devipuram was injured, but sadly, the damage to the ashram buildings and infrastructure is quite extensive. (For those who may not know, Guruji Sri Amritananda is Aiya’s guru and the parama guru for all disciples of Aiya.)

The following video shows much of the damage to Devipuram.

During the cyclone, windspeeds reached more than 120 miles/hour, which makes Cyclone Hudhud the equivalent of a severe Category 3 hurricane. Guruji has given an initial report of the damage to Devipuram, although we may not know the full extent of the damage until later. Guruji has told us that:

  • All trees have been uprooted. All vegetation was affected, including cashew, neem and teak trees. This includes trees along the main highway and the road leading to Devipuram. There is no way to go from the ashram to the Ganesha Temple, Meru Temple, Srivilla, or main gate. Ashram roads and paths are littered with trees; traveling merely half a mile by foot took two hours.
  • A tree has fallen and crushed the canteen.
  • Srivilla’s solar panels and solar water heater were knocked loose and are strewn everywhere. The roof over the generator was ripped away and no diesel is available, making it impossible to provide electricity, as all the electric poles have been knocked down.
  • The Devipuram entrance gate and arches were ripped out of the ground along with concrete pillars.
  • Forty percent of the Meru Temple’s roof tiles were ripped off by the cyclone winds.
  • The pyramid on top of the Kamakhya Temple is gone. Thirty percent of the roof over the meditation hall is gone, and the door has become jammed shut.
  • The shed in front of Sivalaya has been torn away.
  • Several panels of Dakshavati were torn away.
  • The initial estimated cost of rebuilding Devipuram is 40 to 50 lakhs rupees (US $60 – 80,000), but could be much higher in reality.


Help Is Urgently Needed

Some of us may never have been to Devipuram, but Aiya has often said that our beloved Rajarajeswari Temple has flowed directly from the lotus feet of Guruji. If it were not for Guruji’s broad-minded vision, loving heart, and revolutionary approach to the divine path of Sri Vidya, we could not have enjoyed the countless priceless blessings we have in our lives today.

We have all benefited in unimaginable ways from Guruji’s tireless efforts and from the grace that flows to all of us from Divine Mother Sahasrakshi in Devipuram. Now is the time to repay a tiny drop of the debt of gratitude that we all owe to Guruji.

Help Us Rebuild Devipuram

If you would like to help Guruji rebuild and restore Devipuram, you may make a donation through the US-based non-profit “Indo-American Institute for Rural Empowerment” (IAIRE). IAIRE is a registered 501(c)3 organization that supports all activities of the Sri Vidya Trust, the organization Guruji created to manage Devipuram.

To make a donation through IAIRE, please click on the following link, scroll to the bottom, and select one of the Devipuram Punarnirmana” Sevas”:

Rebuild Devipuram Sponsorships Form

If you prefer not to donate online, you may also mail a check to the IAIRE Treasurer. Please email for more information about mailing a check.

Also, if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions about the effort to rebuild Devipuram, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vimalan Sothinathan (613-884-3384)
Radhika Sriganesh (585-445-4450)

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested in helping us to rebuild and restore Devipuram.

We pray to Devi to bless and comfort all those devastated by the cyclone, and to inspire us all to come together as one spiritual family in this hour of need.

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha