Rare Dosha Nivarana Rasi Mandala Puja to be Performed on July 3, 2016

Rasi Mandala Setup

Last year, we held our first “Dosha Nivarana Rasi Mandala Puja,” a rare and elaborate puja that helps eradicate all kinds of astrological doshas related to the navagrahas and nakshatras. Many people were able to participate and benefit from the unique puja. This year, we’ll be performing the puja again on the third day of our annual Alankara Festival (July 3rd), with even more special pujas and some special prasadam items.

Due to the time and effort involved in such an elaborate puja, this puja is usually not performed on such a large scale; this is a rare and powerful opportunity to attend, participate and receive the divine blessings for ourselves and our families. 

Sometimes, we may face challenges and obstacles in life due to our karma from previous births. The navagrahas (planets) and our nakshatra (birth star) will activate these karmas so that they can be released.

Although we need to face these karmas, we can lessen the impact of the planetary forces by performing certain pujas or homas with faith and devotion.

Navagraha YantraThis reduces the severity of our painful experiences and is tremendously helpful for creating peace, harmony, success and good health for ourselves and our families. To learn more, keep reading or view the 2016 Rasi Mandala Puja flyer.

This year, there are two sponsorships specifically for this puja, a Yantra Sponsorship and a Nakshatra Kalasa Sponsorship. All sponsors will be included in the puja sankalpam and will receive an energized Navagraha Yantra. To learn more about the sponsorships, please visit srividya.org/rasimandala.

Nakshatra Kalasam Sponsorships

Nakshatra KalasasDuring the puja, the navagrahas will all be invoked and worshipped as part of the Rasi Mandala Puja. All 27 nakshatras (star constellations) will also be invoked into kalasas. If you know your janma nakshatra (birth star), you can sponsor a kalasam for your nakshatra. (If you don’t know your janma nakshatra, you can use this online calculator to find out.)

At the end of the puja, Nakshatra Kalasa sponsors will be given the kalasa tirtham to take home. Bathing with this water will be a powerful blessing and protection. This is especially true for those who are currently undergoing the “Seven and a Half Years” of Saturn, or who are afflicted by Saturn in other ways. To find out if your nakshatra is currently under the influence of Lord Shani, you can read the Rasi Mandala Puja flyer.

If you would like to sign up for a Yantra or Nakshatra Kalasa Sponsorship, please visit srividya.org/rasimandala and fill out the form.

Navaratna Mala 2Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

For those who would like to sponsor the entire Alankara Festival and also sponsor the Nakshatra Kalasam, there are two sponsorship opportunities, the Silver and Gold Sponsorships. More information is available on the Alankara Festival Sponsorships page.