Why do you have a dress code?

Every public establishment has a dress code, indicating the appropriate attire required for entering. Whether it is a courthouse, school, workplace, church, mosque, temple, or even a common restaurant, there will be a dress code that must be followed. It is no different for our Temple.

In order to create an atmosphere of sanctity, respect and devotion, we ask that everyone dress according to common principles of modesty. When people are dressed in a very revealing way, this is a distraction for those who have come to worship, pray or meditate. We ask that you help us in maintaining a respectful and sacred atmosphere.

Not only that, we are a Teaching Temple, and part of our mission is to teach about the authentic cultural traditions of Saivism and Sanatana Dharma in general. The best way to teach is by experience, so we invite you to experience the ancient culture of Sanatana Dharma by coming to the Temple in the traditional way.