Why do I have to tie my hair?

As part of our dress code, any man or woman with hair longer than shoulder-length will be asked to tie their hair when they enter the Temple. It is most preferable that long hair be in a braid or bun, but a ponytail is also acceptable. The main reason for this is that we run our Temple in a very open and accessible manner. We allow everyone to come into the main sanctum and to come quite close to the murtis. This means that you may be coming quite close to the naivedyam, or food, that will be offered to the deities. Just as you would not like to eat food that contains someone else’s hair, we do not wish to offer food to God if it contains hair in it.

In addition, we allow everyone to come near the homa kunda. During certain events, everyone will be invited to make offerings into the homa fire. It is very inauspicious if any hair falls into the homa fire. Not only is it inauspicious for the homam, it is also not auspicious for the person whose hair fell in. So for your sake, as well as for the purity of our homas and pujas, we ask that you tie your hair if it is longer than shoulder-length.