Can I bring flowers, fruits, or other offerings?

You are most welcome to bring offerings for Divine Mother Rajarajeswari. Fruits and flowers are wonderful traditional offerings. Milk is another item that we use in abundance, since all devotees are allowed to perform milk abhishekam for free during the Saturday Homam and Abhishekam program. Many gallons are used during the public abhishekam, especially during the summer months, so your donation of milk is very welcome. Another item used in abundance is sesame oil for the Temple lamps. If you would like to offer these items, please bring them to the Bookstore counter, and we will store them appropriately for use in upcoming pujas.

If you are interested in making a donation of food items, we suggest that you speak with the Kitchen Coordinator the next time you come to the Temple, or contact the Temple. We may already have certain items in storage, and the Coordinator can suggest the food items that would be most helpful at that time.

If there are any other special items you would like to donate or sponsor, please contact us.