Can I offer a lime garland to Devi?

We do allow lime garlands to be offered to Devi, but please note that all lime garlands must be strung inside the Temple. If you wish to offer a lime garland, please bring the required number of whole, uncut limes to the Temple. You can also bring a needle, string and other supplies, or we will provide them for you. Please bring the limes to the Bookstore counter, and a volunteer will guide you in making the garland.

If you bring a lime garland that has already been strung, we will ask that you unstring the limes, wash them in our facility, and then restring them. Once this is done, the garland may be offered. We understand that this policy may be different from what you are used to, but the policy has been set by the Temple Peetadhipati, Sri Chaitanyananda Natha Saraswati. We respectfully ask for your kind cooperation.