Festivals & Special Events

In our Temple, we celebrate the major Saiva festivals as well as Navaratri and our annual Alankara Festival. Please view our Temple Calendar for dates and other specific details. For those who are interested, sponsorship is available for most festival events.

aiya-with-108-lights-resizedNot only are festivals fun for the family and a feast for the senses, they represent a powerful time for receiving divine blessings from Divine Mother and Lord Siva.

Festivals are calculated according to the positions of the planets and stars, such that a maximum of cosmic energy is flowing into the Temple during the pujas. The divine celestial energies combine with the powerful mantras and ceremonies to create a maximally auspicious and energized atmosphere.

By witnessing or sponsoring the festival pujas and homas, tremendous divine blessings can be absorbed during these auspicious times. The following sacred festivals and auspicious days are celebrated in our Temple.

Public Sraddha Ceremonies to Honor One’s Ancestors

chitrapurnami2Sraddha Tarpanam is a very important duty for everyone to perform, and it is typically performed on the lunar tithi of the mother’s or father’s passing. However, some people may not be able to arrange this ceremony on the correct date.

To help everyone carry out this sacred duty, the Temple conducts public Sraddha ceremonies on Chitra Paurnami (for the mothers), and Adi Amavasya (for the departed fathers). Sponsors are able to perform the ceremony with their own hands, through the guidance of our volunteers.

Special Homam Events

Right after the start of every Tamil New Year, the rare and powerful Maha Pratyangira Homam is conducted to invoke divine blessings and protection for all the devotees in the new year. Devotees are given the opportunity to prepare sweets to be offered to Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi, and all who attend are able to offer sweets directly into the fire. This is an extremely rare opportunity and a wonderful blessing.

DSC_8323On the final Sunday of each year, a special and unique Raja Matangi Homam is performed to bless all the young students. The uniqueness of this homam is that it is entirely organized and run by kids, and only children up to the age of 21 are allowed to sponsor and make offerings into the homam fire.