Stay at Home, Pray at Home ~ Online Learning Resources

During this challenging time, many of us are required to stay at home and are not able to visit the Temple, since it is temporarily closed to the public. Though we are not able to pray in Sri Devi’s physical presence, this is an ideal time to focus on our home practice of prayer or chanting.

Though the obstacles in front of us may be great, we can meet any challenge with God’s grace. Whether it is meditation, puja, japa, parayanam, or yoga, the practices of Sanatana Dharma can be a tremendous aid in maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The Harvard Health Newsletter has recommended yoga and meditation as a way to invoke a healthy relaxation response. Since stress can suppress the immune system, one of the many benefits of the relaxation response is to support the immune system naturally. Chanting and prayer can bring us many of the same benefits as meditation.

Please keep reading for online resources that will help you to maintain an inner connection with Sri Rajarajeswari Devi and cultivate a healing relaxation response in your own home.

The Value of Prayer and Mantra Japam

Along with practicing good hygiene and social distancing, we can also utilize the power of universal prayer and mantra japam to have a positive impact on the world as well as our own state of mind.

Lord Siva is “Viswaha Bheshaji,” a divine medicine for all ailments, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. Let us pray to Lord Siva and Divine Mother for true healing and good cooperation among all people in the world.

Learn Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantra, the Healing Mantra

Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantra is a very powerful Vedic mantra chanted as part of Sri Rudram to invoke the supremely healing and purifying power of Lord Siva. It brings mental peace to those who are suffering and also surrounds us with a very positive healing energy.

To learn Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantra, click here to access the sound recordings and mantra text.

It is very beneficial to chant Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantra 11, 21, 51 or 108 times each day, while wearing or using a rudraksha mala if possible.

Learn Sri Dhanvantari Mantra, a Prayer to Sri Maha Vishnu

Sri Dhanvantari Mantra invokes the divine blessings of Sri Maha Vishnu in His form as the universal healer and remover of fear. Sri Mathi Oli Saraswathy (Sri Amma) has recommended japa or chanting of this mantra for healing.

To learn Sri Dhanvantari Mantra, click here to access the sound recordings and mantra text.

It is very beneficial to chant Sri Dhanvantari Mantra 9, 27 or 51 times each day, while wearing or using a tulasi mala if possible.

Learn Sri Durga Saptasloki for Divine Protection

Sri Durga Saptasloki combines seven powerful verses from Sri Devi Mahatmyam, requesting Mother Durga Devi to grant us peace, auspiciousness, and protection from illness and fear.

To learn Sri Durga Saptasloki, click here to access the sound recordings and mantra text.

It is very good to chant Sri Durga Saptasloki once, three times, or nine times each day, while wearing a rudraksha or sphatika mala if possible.

Other Online Learning Resources

Sri Rudram and Sri Lalita Sahasranama are considered very helpful for healing and divine protection. Learning videos are available for these powerful chants. If you are interested in learning these chants, please send an email to and ask to be added to our SVTS Learning Telegram group. Volunteers will be happy to direct you to the learning resources. You can also visit our Learning page for more information about learning puja, homa, and other practices.

Chandi Navakshari Mantra Download

The mantra playing continuously in the Temple is Sri Chandi Navakshari Mantra, which is a very powerful mantra invoking the blessings and protection of Sri Durga Devi. You can keep this mantra playing continuously in your home, or you can listen at specific times to aid in meditation or prayer. We are offering this mantra recording for free download. You can choose which file type you’d like to download:

Chandi Navakshari Mantra (MP3)
Chandi Navakshari Mantra (WMA)

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niramayah
Sarve bhadrani pasyantu
Ma kaschid duhkhabhag bhavet


Let all be happy
Let all be free from fear
Let all see auspiciousness
Let all be free from suffering