The Significance of Pradosha Puja

When we worship Lord Siva on Pradosham, He removes our difficulties and blockages and wipes away the negative habits from our minds. “Pradosham” refers to the sacred time of sunset on the thirteenth lunar day, or “trayodasi tithi.” Trayodasi occurs twice each lunar month, once in the waxing phase and once in the waning phase of the moon, so Pradosha Puja is performed twice each month in the Temple.

The word “pradosham” itself means the removal of any kind of subtle or energetic impurity. India’s ancient rishis have discovered that these impurities, which are formed due to our actions and attitudes in previous births, are the cause of our suffering and turmoil. By performing certain pujas on Trayodasi, these impurities can be washed away.

The more we wash away these karmic impurities, the more we will experience inner peace, radiant health, and spiritual joy. As the subtle impurities are washed away, our true divine qualities will begin to emerge–qualities like kindness, compassion, honesty, and the desire to give selfless service to others.

The Significance of Pradosham

Every Pradosham, a special Pradosha Puja is performed in the Temple. To find out when the next Pradosha Puja will be performed, please check the Temple Calendar.  Everyone who attends is invited to perform milk Lingabhishekam with their own hands, and also to join in the chanting if familiar with the mantras. Please be advised that there is a dress code for entering the Temple.

Significance of Worshipping a Lapis Siva Lingam

The pujas prescribed by the ancient rishis all focus on Lord Siva, who is the one who removes every kind of negative or impure patterns. In our Temple, Lord Siva exists in the form of a beautiful Lingam formed of the semiprecious stone “lapis lazuli.” This beautiful blue stone is strongly associated with Lord Siva, who is known as the “Blue-Throated One.”

In addition, lapis lazuli has a special connection with the planet Saturn. When we see, touch or worship a lapis Siva Lingam, we will be blessed to overcome any problems related to Saturn. It is incredibly rare just to see such a Lingam, but to have the chance to touch and perform abhishekam is practically unheard-of.

For the sake of universal peace and welfare, the following pujas are performed during each Pradosha Puja, in addition to the regular Ganapati, Devi and Sannidhi Pujas.

  • Milk Rudrabhishekam to Sri Nilakantha Prana Lingeswara
  • Archana with Siva Ashtottaram
  • Procession of Siva, Parvati and Ganapati with Siva Puranam

In addition, everyone performs a unique form of pradakshina on Pradosham, which brings special blessings on this day.

Special Darshan of Sphatika Lingam

The Temple has been gifted with a highly auspicious Sphatika Lingam by Sri Mathioli Saraswati, who is considered to be an incarnation of Devi Herself. This Lingam is only brought out on Pradosham days and is worshipped for universal peace. If you come on Pradosham, you will have the darshan of this Lingam, which is shown to the left in its gold kavacham.

We invite you to join us for Pradosha Puja, and enjoy this rare opportunity to worship Sri Nilakantha Prana Lingeswara and receive Lord Siva’s most auspicious blessings.