New eBook for Sri Vidya Upasakas: “A Jewel from my Mother’s Crown”

Jewel from my Mother's CrownEarlier this year, the Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam released the new book “A Jewel from my Mother’s Crown” in a full-color hardcover format, which is available for sale in the Temple Bookstore.

Now we are pleased to release the eBook version of the book, in ePub and Kindle formats!

This fascinating book on Sri Chakra Puja is an expanded form of what many will remember as Sri Amritananda Guruji’s “Blue Book.” In this completely new edition, not only have the puja mantras been reproduced in an easy-to-read format, but there are numerous illustrations designed to help us better understand and visualize the different parts of the puja. In addition, Guruji had added many explanations of the inner meanings behind the ritualistic aspects.

The eBook may be purchased by clicking on the links below. After clicking on the link, you’ll be taken to our pages on and to complete the purchase.

Please note that this book is intended for Sri Vidya upasakas. Please only buy this book if you have been initiated into a Sri Vidya lineage. We thank you for your cooperation.

If you will be reading the eBook primarily on an Apple, Windows or Android device, you should buy the ePub version.

If you want to read the eBook on a Kindle, you can purchase the Mobi version instead.

Selected Excerpts

“What do we mean by worship of the Sri Chakra? It means worship of yourself, loving yourself, understanding yourself, understanding the process by which you have become differentiated from others and then retracing the steps and merging with your true self.”

“We should be able to see the Goddess in ourselves first and then in all living beings around us. The worship is not confined to the acts that we perform sitting in front of an idol or a person, it becomes a way of life. Every moment is an act of worship where the devotees realize that they are one with God, inspired by God, and acting out the will of God. They are instruments for bringing in the utter creativity, spontaneity, joy, love and harmony that are all divine qualities.”