New Diamond Thali Offered to Sri Rajarajeswari

sri-amma-croppedYou may recall that last year, Sri Mathioli Saraswathy requested the Temple Administration to collect funds for a diamond thali for Sri Rajarajeswari.

Many of you donated generously towards this auspicious project, and we are pleased to announce that with all of your kind support, Sri Rajarajeswari’s new diamond thali has been made and was offered to Sri Rajarajeswari by none other than Sri Amma Herself!

When She placed the new thali on Devi, Sri Amma gave some instructions to the Temple Administration regarding certain special months when Devi should wear the diamond thali, so that everyone will receive the auspicious blessings.

In addition, She asked the Temple Administration to create a sponsorship that would allow devotees to request the diamond thali to be worn by Devi on a special day of their choice.This could be for a marriage blessing on one’s wedding or anniversary day, or it could be another significant day like a birthday.

Those who choose this sponsorship will have the chance to see the diamond thali being tied on Devi and will also have the opportunity to offer akshatas and flower petals when it is tied on Devi. If you’re interested in this sponsorship, we kindly request that you fill out the Diamond Thali Seva Request Form. Or, you may call the Temple (585-533-1970) and speak to Nataraja Mama.

For more information on the blessings of having darshan of Sri Devi’s diamond thali, please keep reading.

Why We Offer Gold, Diamonds and Other Gemstones to Divine Mother

amma-ties-diamond-thaliIf you look deeply into our ancient Temple traditions, you will find that nothing is there without a reason. The ancient sages have designed our Temple culture to create the maximum blessings for all the devotees who visit Temples and for the entire Earth. From the Sanskrit mantras, to the specific food offerings, to the rituals of inner and outer cleansing, to the beautiful alankaram of the gods, every detail has a divine purpose.

You might ask, Why do we offer gold and other costly items to God? Is this really necessary? Some people might think that such items are offered merely for show or for decoration. Though these items do look beautiful, this is not the main reason. Others might feel that Divine Mother Rajarajeswari is Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaki, the ruler of countless galaxies, and therefore She should be adorned with royal items like crowns and gold jewelry. Of course this is also true, but it is not the deeper, spiritual reason.

Every material in Nature has its own vibrational energy. When charged with sacred mantras, these materials will radiate different types of cosmic energy. All of the traditional offerings, like silver, gold, lotuses, kumkum, or turmeric, etc., help to attract and generate powerful divine energy that blesses everyone in the Temple, especially those who make or witness the offering.

The Special Significance of DiamondsDevi with Thali Resized

In the same way that rudrakshas attract the special energy of Lord Siva and quartz crystal attracts the grace of Sri Saraswati Devi, diamonds also attract a special and unique energy. The navaratnas, or nine gems, attract the positive energies of the navagrahas, the nine astrological bodies. Diamonds are the gemstone of the planet Venus, and they are strongly associated with Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Even if we just wear a diamond on our own body, we will attract the positive rays of Venus, which is a great benefit to us. But when we place a diamond on an energized murti of Divine Mother, that diamond will have tremendously increased power to attract the cosmic energy of Venus. This is due to the incredible magnetic, or attracting, power of Sri Rajarajeswari Devi.

devi-matangi-croppedThe energies of Venus bless us with peace, love, harmony, material and spiritual prosperity, inner beauty, and spiritual clarity. Venus also graces us with loving and harmonious relationships, especially within the marriage and family. Through their connection with Sri Maha Lakshmi, diamonds attract auspicious wealth and abundance. Finally, the energy of diamonds provides us with courage, fearlessness, and a strong and impenetrable protection.

These blessings will be felt by all who have darshan of Divine Mother while She is adorned with the diamond thali. On our own, we may not have the means to offer diamonds to Devi, but through this new sponsorship, we can all receive the auspicious blessings of offering the most sacred diamond mangalyam to Sri Rajarajeswari.

Sri Matre Namaha!