New Board Members Announced for Sri Vidya Temple Society

Dear Devotees,

Early last year, Sri Chaitanyananda (Haran Aiya) introduced six new Board members for the Sri Vidya Temple Society in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the Temple; recently another three members were added. The Board’s prime mandate is to safeguard Aiya’s vision for the future of the Temple and ensure that his wishes are respected and honored in all areas of Temple governance. The new Board has also been commissioned with the sacred task of planning and fundraising for the Rajagopuram and new granite Temple that will serve as a permanent home for Sri Rajarajeswari Amman.

The Board members include:

Ambalavanar Somaskanda
Anupama Ashwin
Kandiah Pathmanathan
Karuppiah Natarajan

Roopa Hathwar
Sankara Devarakonda
Savitri Venkatesh
Sriganesh Madhvanath
Vimalan Sothinathan

As Peetadhipati and Founder, Aiya will continue to serve as Advisor and Spiritual Guide for the Temple. As before, the Sri Vidya Temple Administration’s Officers include:

President: Karuppiah Natarajan
Secretary: Vimalan Sothinathan

SVTS Departments and Coordinators

In addition, the Temple Administration has created several departments and designated certain volunteers to help coordinate the smooth functioning of those departments.We plan to rotate all the Coordinator roles every two to three years. This way, new volunteers will have the chance to learn and serve Divine Mother and Her devotees, and the Temple will also benefit from new ideas and energy. The departments and current Coordinators include:

Accounting (Kunavathani Vadivel)
Alankaram (Anita Uthayakumaran, Radhika Sriganesh)
Audio-Visual (Vilas Ankolekar, Mohan Kamat)
Bookstore (Ekta Barraclough, Veena Ganeshan)
Education (Sriganesh Madhvanath)
Facilities (Kumaran Mahenthiran, Kumaran Mahathevan)
IT Support (Chendil Kumar, Shinthujan Sivalingam)
Kitchen (Muralee Mahathevan, Anupama Ashwin)
Public Relations (Veena Nayak, Karthi Sugunan)
Purchasing (Bala, Shinthujan Sivalingam)
Website & Communications (Ekta Barraclough, Gratuz Devanesan)

In addition to the above, there are many other Sub Coordinators and volunteers who are putting their heart and soul into serving Sri Rajarajeswari, and we wish to recognize and express our deepest gratitude for all their devoted seva.

The Board members, Temple Administration, and Coordinators look forward to working together with all the volunteers in order to serve Divine Mother and all of Her devotees. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and always welcome your participation and suggestions for cultivating the Temple as a sacred place for everyone’s spiritual evolution.

Sri Matre Namaha,
SVTS Board of Directors