Liveblog of Navarathri 2013 ~ Day 6

Today’s Festivities will commence at 8am

Please check out yesterday’s blog to see the Utsavam


Yesterday was Mahalakshmi Utsavam and the Devi took the rupam (form) of Mahalakshmi.

Pranashakthi is the Utsavamurthi that was used during yesterday’s parikramam (procession).  Pranashakthi was our first panchaloka deity used by Aiya before the Devi arrived.  There are many important things to note about Pranashakthi first is the name Prana (life force) is breath, Shakthi is energy, thus Pranashakthi means the energy that is within breath which is oxygen.
Second is that fact that this is the only temple with a Pranashakthi murthi.