Liveblog of Navarathri 2013 ~ Day 4

The festivities will begin at 8am

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The story of Kanakadhara Stotram – Part 3

Mahalakshmi couldn’t say no to Shankara when he was fighting so passionately for this woman’s well-being. It was humbling to see her donate her last bit of food to him, and to see him pray so fiercely for her. The Devi began pouring golden gooseberries in front of the lady’s home, much to the woman’s shock and Shankara’s delight.

To this day, it is said that whosoever chants the famous Kanakadhara Stotram (“Kanaka” is gold, and “dhara” is the act of giving) that Adi Shankara chanted to gain Goddes Mahalakshmi’s favour will gain riches in every form.

This is not just limited to gold, but to all types of wealth, and whatever particular wishes the devotee desires.