As a “Learning Temple,” we offer classes, workshops and retreats on topics related to Sri Vidya, sadhana, Temple traditions, and chanting of sacred scriptures, for learners of all ages and experience levels.

Introduction to Learning

Please watch the video to learn more about the learning opportunities for adults and youth. Most classes are livestreamed for the benefit of remote learners. Although some classes require initiation, there are many offerings that are open to all. Classes are free, however donations to support the Temple’s learning mission are gratefully accepted. To receive learning announcements by email, please join our email list.

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Learning Opportunities

Summer Youth Program

Vibhuti Saivite Immersion (VSI), our flagship learning program, offers an immersive learning experience for children aged 10 to 18. Now in its 17th year, VSI brings children together on the Temple premises for a week of immersion in the rich traditions of Sanatana Dharma and Saiva culture.

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Adult Learning

View our 2023 Learning Calendar for information on learning sessions on performing puja, homa, and tarpanam, as well as on various aspects of Sri Vidya like the chakras, significance of the Sri Yantra and more.

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Classes for Youth

The temple conducts “Youth Learning Sessions” (YLS) for youth aged 13 to 26 approximately once a month. The sessions, which are held over a weekend or the week-long Winter Break, include a mix of classes and seva opportunities, along with participation in regular Temple pujas and activities.

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Chanting Classes

The Temple conducts a weekly chanting class covering Vedic suktams and stotrams of interest to the Temple community. These are livestreamed, and free and open to all. Please see our learning resources page for links to class recordings, downloadable texts, and multimedia self-learning resources.

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Bala Vidya Classes

Monthly “Bala Vidya” classes are held for children aged 5-12, so that kids can learn about our cultural, spiritual and religious traditions. Children listen to stories, learn bhajans and slokas, and engage in fun activities both within the temple and on the beautiful outside grounds when weather permits.

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Class Recordings

Previous classes are always available as online recordings, which you can access after registering. Class materials, slides and handouts are also available for viewing upon registration.

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