12 Hour Amruta Mrutyunjaya Homa for Healing

Seeking Divine Blessing and Healing

In light of the heartbreaking devastation caused by the Covid pandemic around the world, the Sri Vidya Temple will be conducting a “Laksha Amruta Mrutyunjaya Homa” this Sunday, May 2, 2021 (6AM – 6PM EDT).
In this homam, the powerful “Amruta Mrutyunjaya Mantra” will be offered 100,000 times into the sacred homa fire. We will be praying for divine protection and healing for all those suffering from Covid around the world.
The homa is open to all; to come in person please register for darshan. For those who cannot come in person, we encourage you to join in the prayers and chanting from your homes, as the program will be streamed live on our Youtube channel.
We are praying and offering this homa for universal protection and healing, but if you or someone you know is suffering from Covid-19, you are welcome to provide their sankalpam details. There is no charge for this homa sankalpam.
The sankalpam to be chanted for tomorrow’s homa is available here to follow along: Sankalpam for Covid Relief
Register For Sankalpam