Happy New Year, and the Sri Vidya Temple’s Exciting Next Phase

During this auspicious time of year, the Sri Vidya Temple Board and Administration would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year!

We wish you an auspicious year full of the most loving blessings and compassionate grace of our Divine Mother Sri Rajarajeswari Devi.

We would also like to take this opportunity to formally introduce the the next phase in the Temple’s development, the “Rajagopuram Project,” which entails the construction of a new granite Temple complete with traditional Rajagopuram.

As many of you may know, Sri Chaitanyananda (Haran Aiya) has been speaking about the need for a more permanent sacred home for Devi for a number of years. In March 2015, The Temple Board presented preliminary site plans to the Rush Planning Board, and a building permit for new Temple construction was granted. Since then, the Board members have been engaged in research and planning for the Rajagopuram Project.

A Temple to Last One Thousand Years

The Agama Shastras describe how to build a traditional Temple, and each and every detail has a definite purpose. By building an Agamic Temple in traditional granite, we will be building a beautiful, powerful and durable Temple that can stand the test of time. We will be attracting even more divine energy into the Temple, which maximizes the power of the auspicious blessings that radiate to all. For such an undertaking, we will need everyone’s dedication, ideas, love and support.

Building such a divine Temple is a great service to humanity, and anyone who selflessly supports such a project will be blessed by Devi for many lifetimes. The Puranas proclaim that there is no greater punya than that which comes to us from building a holy Temple for the Supreme Divinity.

Divine Blessings for a Divine Project

Aiya has often said that the Temple has flowed directly from the lotus feet of his Guruji, Sri Amritananda. As we move into this next phase of the Temple’s growth, we are grateful for the abundant blessings and support of Guruji, who personally blessed the project last year.

Last summer, Sri Mathioli Saraswathy once again graced our Temple with Her divine presence and gave Her specific blessings for this new initiative. With much loving guidance, She expressed Her full support and encouragement for our fundraising efforts. We invite you all to join with us in this noble endeavor of building Sri Rajarajeswari’s permanent sacred home. In the near future, we’ll be providing more details on building phases, sponsorship options, and how you can get involved in this auspicious project.

If you would like more information, please contact Natarajan Mama (President) at the number below, or email info@srividya.org. If you would like to donate towards this noble and auspicious project, you may do so through our secure online store.

Sri Matre Namaha!