Granite Temple Excavation and Reinforcement Underway

The Granite Temple project continues to move forward. In recent months we have reached several milestones. 

As a condition of the construction permit, we had to take architectural drawings and convert them into structural engineering drawings. These are detailed drawings that require some time, effort and coordination to develop. They are also required in order to commence the project. This was done over the summer and final approvals for the project were secured in October of this year. 

Construction is now underway. We are in the process of bringing over equipment, the land has been surveyed and excavated, and rebar has been laid down in preparation of concrete pouring. To accommodate 2 elevator shafts, concrete was poured for those sections first. The second phase of concrete pouring will be to lay a foundation for the sannidhis. 

In the coming weeks, structural work and the formation of walls will take place. Construction will proceed until the ground reaches freezing temperature. It will pause for a period until early spring, when the ground warms up again. 

Overseas in India, the granite Ganapathi Sannidhi has been built and is ready to be transported to Rush, New York. We have finalized and signed the contract to commence construction of the granite Subrahmanya Sannidhi. 

In the last six months, members of the temple’s administrative team have visited India, meeting in person with artisans to discuss the project. They have also had countless remote calls together to develop the scope of work with these artisans. They have worked diligently to guide the design and construction of these sannidhis, monitored the work, and ensured that it is all proceeding with the utmost care and clarity.

We are grateful to all those who are working together to bring this vision to life, one step at a time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the troubles it brought with it, we experienced a number of delays. We are pleased to see the project picking up its momentum once more.

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