First Youth Chariot Festival to Be Held August 3rd!

We are very happy to announce our first Youth Chariot Festival! Aiya has decided that it will take place this Saturday, August 3rd, on the last day of the VSI Camp. We warmly invite all of our youth and all of our Temple community to come and enjoy taking part in this auspicious and fun Youth Festival!

Why We Are Conducting This Chariot Festival

kids-chariotLast April, when Sri Amma visited our Temple, She requested all of our Temple youth to conduct a special “Youth Chariot Festival” on a regular basis. The purpose of this festival is to encourage all the youth to come together in harmony and work together to organize and carry out this Youth Festival.

Sri Amma explained that this activity will help spread true friendship and affection among all our young devotees. It will teach everyone the real value of “cohesiveness” and cooperation.

To pull a chariot successfully, all must work together to pull in unison with united minds and hearts. What unites our minds and hearts is love for Devi, who came to us as Sri Amma, and love for Aiya, who has dedicated his life to passing on the sacred traditions to all the children.

Important Details About the Festival

This Saturday, the Kalasa Puja will start at 8AM, to make sure there is enough time for the Chariot Festival. Any youth who wish to participate in the chariot festival should be sure to follow the Puja Dress Code (sari or pavadai for girls and veshti with shawl for boys).

New Email List for Temple Youth Activities

In order to reach all our young devotees and volunteers, we have created a new Email List for those up to the age of 27. If you know someone in this age range who wishes to receive the Temple Youth emails, please send an email to [email protected], and we will add them to the list.