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Join Us for Thai Pongal!

Thai Pongal, also known as “Makara Sankranti,” celebrates the divine power of Lord Surya, the sun, who provides the solar energy necessary for life.

Pongal refers to the traditional practice of preparing sweet rice infused with milk and jaggery. Auspicious and sattvic rice, used for making pongal, is freshly harvested and boiled with brown sugar or jaggery and then topped off with ghee, raisins and cashew nuts.

Sri Devi, in the form of the sun, moon, stars, wind, rain, earth and all grains and greenery, is the one who is providing everything to us at all times. We hope you’ll join us for Thai Pongal, as we give thanks to God for the food that sustains and nourishes us.

Sponsorships and Blessed Prasadam

The sankalpam provided will be included in one of the three daily pujas taking place in the Temple sanctum on Thai Pongal. As always, daily puja sankalpam is provided openly on a donation basis.


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