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We’ll be performing a special and rare “Dosha Nivarana Rasi Mandala Puja” on Sunday, July 3rd. This puja requires several hours to perform and is designed to address every kind of astrological dosham or difficulty.

Due to the time and effort involved in such an elaborate puja, this puja is usually not performed on such a large scale; this is a rare and powerful opportunity to attend, participate and receive the divine blessings for ourselves and our families.

Sometimes, we may face challenges and obstacles in life due to our karma from previous births. The navagrahas (planets) and our nakshatra (birth star) will activate these karmas so that they can be released.

Effects on the Nakṣatras

7 and a ½ Saturn: uttarāṣāḍhā (2nd, 3rd, 4th pāda), śravaṇā, dhaniṣṭhā, śatabhiṣā, pūrvabhādrapadā, uttarabhādrapadā, rēvatī
3rd aspect: aśvinī, bharanī, kr̥ttikā (1st pāda)
7th aspect: maghā, pūrvaphālgunī, uttara phālgunī (1st pāda)
Aṣṭama śani: punarvasu (4th pāda), asleśā, puśyā

Janma Guru: pūrvabhādrapadā (4th pāda), uttarabhādrapadā, rēvatī
Aṣṭama Guru: maghā, pūrvaphālgunī, uttara phālgunī (1st pāda)

Rahu / Kethu 
Janma & 7th aspect: aśvinī, bharanī, kr̥ttikā (1st pāda), citrā (3rd, 4th pāda), svāti, viśākhā (1st, 2nd, 3rd pāda)

Although we need to face these karmas, we can lessen the impact of the planetary forces by performing certain pujas or homas with faith and devotion.

This reduces the severity of our painful experiences and is tremendously helpful for creating peace, harmony, success and good health for ourselves and our families. To learn more, please watch the video below and see the attached Rasi Mandala Puja flyer.


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