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Join Us for Pradosha Puja & Abhishekam!

Every Pradosham, a special Pradosha Puja is performed in the Temple. Everyone who attends is invited to perform milk abhishekam with their own hands to Sri Nilakantha Prana Lingeswara, our magnificent lapis lazuli Siva Lingam. Those who are familiar with the chants are most welcome to join in the chanting.

For the sake of universal peace and welfare, the following pujas are performed during each Pradosha Puja, in addition to the regular Ganapati, Devi and Sannidhi Pujas.

  • Milk Rudrabhishekam to Sri Nilakantha Prana Lingeswara
  • Archana with Siva Ashtottaram
  • Procession of Siva, Parvati and Ganapati with Siva Puranam

We invite you to join us for Pradosha Puja, and enjoy this rare opportunity to worship Sri Nilakantha Prana Lingeswara and receive Lord Siva’s most auspicious blessings for peace, joy and true abundance.

Sponsorships and Blessed Prasadam

If you would like to help sponsor the Pradosha puja and abhishekam, please click on the button below to view available sponsorships. Sponsorships help to cover the cost of fruits, milk, ghee, flowers and garlands offered during the puja and abhishekam.

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For some sponsorships, we will include your name in the sankalpam chanted before the event. The sankalpam is a Sanskrit statement recited before any major puja or homa. When your name is recited in the sankalpam, it creates a subtle energetic bond between you and the puja or homa, bringing divine blessings to you and your family.

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