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Join Us for Guru Purnima!

On Guru Purnima, we honor and worship the guru parampara, remembering that Sri Lalitambika Herself is “Guru Mandala Rupini”–the very form of all the gurus.


Although there are no puja sponsorships for Guru Purnima, some may like to donate towards annadanam in honor of this special day. At Sri Chaitanyananda’s request, the Temple serves lunch and dinner to all visitors free of charge every day of the year. The Temple also organizes the preparation of lunch boxes for the poor on a monthly basis.

The Guru Purnima program itself will include preparation of meals for the homeless, in the morning. Your kind donation towards annadanam will help support these humanitarian activities. If you’d like to make a donation towards annadanam, please click the button below.

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