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Please Note: All programs are subject to change without notice, due to Covid-19. All visitors must register before visiting the Temple at srividya.org/darshan. Thank you.

Join Us for Sri Maha Ganapati Alankara Utsavam!

We welcome you to attend our Annual Alankara Festival, which commemorates the founding of the Temple as well as the 2010 Atirudram Maha Kumbhabhishekam. We hope everyone in the Temple community will be able to join us and receive the divine blessings of Sri Maha Ganapati.

Kalasa Puja will be followed by Sahasra Modaka Vanchakalpa Ganapati Homa, special alankaram, and much more. The Ganapati Utsava Puja and procession will take place in the evening.

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Sponsorships and Blessed Prasadam

If you would like to help sponsor the festival, please click on the button below to view available sponsorships. Sponsorships help to cover the cost of fruits, milk, ghee, flowers and garlands offered during the puja and abhishekam. In gratitude for your kind offering, we will give you blessed and energized prasadam from the event.

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For some sponsorships, we will include your name in the sankalpam chanted before the event. The sankalpam is a Sanskrit statement recited before any major puja or homa. When your name is recited in the sankalpam, it creates a subtle energetic bond between you and the puja or homa, bringing divine blessings to you and your family.

All sponsors receive blessed and energized prasadam from the event. Blessed prasadam usually includes small packets of kumkum and/or vibhuti as well as special items like a blessed thread, yajna raksha, or other holy items. Please read the sponsorship descriptions carefully to understand whether sankalpam is included and what kind of prasadam will be given. If you are not able to attend the festival physically, the prasadam will be mailed to you.

Helpful Information for First-Time Visitors

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