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Chitra Pournami Sraddha Tarpanam for Maternal Ancestors

In honor of the departed maternal ancestors, group Sraddha Tarpanam will be performed at the Temple. This is done to give peace to our ancestors’ souls, as well as enabling us to proceed more smoothly on the path of life.

You may perform the Sraddha yourself (with help from volunteers), or you can request the Sraddha to be performed on your behalf.

Participation or Sankalpam Sponsorships

If you would like to perform tarpanam yourself or include your mother’s name in the Sraddha Tarpanam sankalpam, please click on the button below. If you are able to come to the Temple,  volunteers will help you to perform the tarpanam. Please be sure to wear your traditional dress like sari or veshti.


Helpful Information for First-Time Visitors

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