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On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, the Sri Vidya Temple will hold a special event to bless the ground where the new Temple will be built. We’ll be conducting a group Lalita Sahasranama Laksha Kumkumarchana and Mahalakshmi Homa, and we invite all devotees to come together and add your sincere prayers for the success of the Granite Temple with Rajagopuram Project.

The Laksha Lalita Sahasranama Kumkumarchana will start at 8am, outside where the construction is to take place. Until 4pm, Lalita Sahasranama Kumkumarchana will be performed twice each hour. Anyone is welcome to come and join throughout the day. While the Kumkumarchana is taking place, Mahalakshmi Homa will also be happening simultaneously throughout the day.

At 4pm, 5pm and 6pm, Lalita Sahasranama Kumkumarchana will be performed once per hour along with powerful ashtottaras and puja to Sri Ardhanariswara. As the grand finale, Sri Mahalakshmi Homa will be performed at 7pm with the powerful and auspicious “Sri Mahalakshmi Kamala Mantra.” This mantra is known to invoke the supreme divine blessings of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi for every kind of wealth.

All are welcome to come and chant Lalita Sahasranama and/or perform kumkumarchana during the parayanam. If you are not able to come physically, please join us virtually via livestream and chant or perform kumkumarchana from your homes. If you plan to chant Lalita Sahasranama and help us reach our count of 100 parayanas, please register your number of chants by clicking here.

This is a divine opportunity to receive the blessings of Sri Lalita Devi and Sri Maha Lakshmi on Akshaya Tritiya–a uniquely auspicious day full of golden vibrations.


Sponsorships and Blessed Prasadam

There is no charge to perform kumkumarchana, but for those who would like to receive blessed prasadam including energized gold or silver coins or a blessed thread, please take a look at the Akshaya Tritiya sponsorships. Mahalakshmi homa participation is also available. Please click below for more details.

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For some sponsorships, we will include your name in the sankalpam chanted before the event. The sankalpam is a Sanskrit statement recited before any major puja or homa. When your name is recited in the sankalpam, it creates a subtle energetic bond between you and the puja or homa, bringing divine blessings to you and your family.

All sponsors receive blessed and energized prasadam from the event. Blessed prasadam usually includes small packets of kumkum and/or vibhuti as well as special items like a blessed thread, yajna raksha, or other holy items. Please read the sponsorship descriptions carefully to understand whether sankalpam is included and what kind of prasadam will be given. If you are not able to attend the festival physically, the prasadam will be mailed to you.

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