Learn More About Bank Wire Transfers and Stock Donations

Our online giving website give.srividya.org provides convenient ways to donate using a credit card or US bank account.  However there may be reasons to want to make a donation via other means, for example:

  1. Mailed personal or institutional check.  If you are making a donation by mailing a personal check to the temple, or via a check from an institution such as a Donor-Advised Fund
  2. Overheads associated with credit cards.  Credit cards typically cost the temple 3-4% of the donated amount in processing fees, and this can be substantial when the amount is large. While our giving site provides the donor with the option to cover these fees, the donor may prefer to avoid the credit card option altogether.  For international donors, credit cards may also charge a currency conversion fee, as well as offer a lower than market conversion rate.
  3. Overheads associated with our giving site.  The software powering our giving site charges the temple a small transaction fee on all payments made through the site. This is generally negligible but for large donation amounts (e.g. USD 5000 and above) it can become significant.
  4. In-kind donation. If you are making a donation in the form of shares in a publicly traded company, for example.

There may be other reasons as well, for example, if you are an international donor without a credit card. 

We are now happy to support donations made via personal or institutional check, bank transfers (ACH as well as wire transfers), and stock donations. Instructions may be found here.

New user-friendly donation software

We have also completely overhauled our donation software system, replacing it with one that is much easier to use. Our new sponsorship and donation site, give.srividya.org, provides our community members and donors with a ‘donor portal’ where they can update their contact information and look at their donation history.


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