Construction Update – July 2023

The Rajagopuram project, encompassing new temple construction, is currently underway in three different locations simultaneously:

Rush, NY:

Our focus in Rush is on building the outer concrete structure that will house the granite sannidhis. Following the completion of the foundation in November 2022, construction temporarily paused due to winter temperatures. However, our teams have been diligently working throughout the winter to finalize structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing(MEP) details in collaboration with architects and structural engineers. Construction is scheduled to resume in early July, and we anticipate completing the entire outer structure of the Phase 1 of the new temple. Additionally, the interior area where the Ganapati and Subramanya Sannidhis will be located, is expected to be finished before winter begins. Keep an eye out for construction activities when you visit the temple this summer!

Devakottai and Chennai, Tamil Nadu:

The Ganapati Sannidhi has been transported to Chennai and is currently being prepared for its journey to the USA. We are working on the shipping paperwork and hope to provide an estimated time of arrival in our next update.

Simultaneously, the Subramanya Sannidhi is under construction in Devakottai, with approximately 50% of the work already completed. We anticipate finishing about 80% of the work there within the next two months, after which the process of shipping it to Chennai will commence. Once in Chennai, the final 20% will be completed and prepared for shipment.

Mumbai, Maharashtra:

In our previous update in March 2023, we mentioned a change in plans for the outermost components of the structure due to the extreme winter temperatures in the Rochester area. We have decided to fabricate these components using fiberglass, a material that can withstand nature’s challenges while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The final concept of the outer structure, including the Gopuram and other intricate details, has been agreed upon. We anticipate the completion of the drawings within the next 2-3 weeks. Once the designs are approved, manufacturing of these components will commence in Mumbai. We expect to receive the completed products within approximately 6 months, aligning with the completion of the outer structure construction in Rush.

By providing this update, we aim to keep you informed and engaged in the progress of the Rajagopuram project. Thank you for your continued support!

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