Ganapati Sannidhi is almost here!


Ganapati Sannidhi almost here! Dear devotees, We are thrilled to share with you a momentous occasion in the Rajagopuram Construction Project. The first shipment of the exquisitely crafted Ganapati Sannidhi, entirely made of black granite, is scheduled to arrive at the new construction site tomorrow and the day after! The arrival of the first shipment tomorrow will signify the arrival of one part of the Ganapati Sannidhi. The second shipment will arrive on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, marking the completion of this exciting phase of our construction journey. Both shipments are estimated to arrive at approximately 9 [...]

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Construction Update – July 2023


Construction Update - July 2023 The Rajagopuram project, encompassing new temple construction, is currently underway in three different locations simultaneously: Rush, NY: Our focus in Rush is on building the outer concrete structure that will house the granite sannidhis. Following the completion of the foundation in November 2022, construction temporarily paused due to winter temperatures. However, our teams have been diligently working throughout the winter to finalize structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing(MEP) details in collaboration with architects and structural engineers. Construction is scheduled to resume in early July, and we anticipate completing the entire outer [...]

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Sannidhi Work & More Good News!


Sannidhi Work & More Good News! Construction In Rush, NY: As of now, approximately 60% of Phase 1’s local construction has been completed successfully. Currently, due to the freezing point temperature, the construction has been paused for the time being. All the progress that has been made so far has been carefully protected to withstand the harsh winter season. This ensures that the work that has already been completed will remain unaffected and that the project can continue as soon as the weather conditions permit. The pause in construction may cause some delay in the project timeline, but [...]

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Granite Temple Excavation and Reinforcement Underway


Granite Temple Excavation and Reinforcement Underway The Granite Temple project continues to move forward. In recent months we have reached several milestones.  As a condition of the construction permit, we had to take architectural drawings and convert them into structural engineering drawings. These are detailed drawings that require some time, effort and coordination to develop. They are also required in order to commence the project. This was done over the summer and final approvals for the project were secured in October of this year.  Construction is now underway. We are in the process of bringing over equipment, the [...]

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Phase 1 Construction to Begin!


Phase 1 Construction is about to begin! With the blessings of Sri Devi and the Guru Parampara, we have reached an important milestone in the Rajagopuram Project. We are very pleased to announce that Phase 1 construction at the new Temple site, consisting of Sri Maha Ganapati and Sri Subrahmanya sannidhis, will start this Tuesday, September 6! This has now been confirmed by our general contractor. Reaching this milestone can only have happened with all your sincere prayers and generous support. As you all know, this is a serious responsibility that has been undertaken, and we will definitely [...]

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Construction Progress Update – Jun 2022


Construction Progress Update - Jun 2022 In Rush, NY: We have received final foundation and structural drawings for our new Phase I from our New York State licensed architects and have submitted these drawings for permits and approvals. We plan to tender for bids to at least 3 pre-qualified construction contractors to complete the local construction. In India: The construction of the Ganapati Sannidhi is almost complete. Here are pictures of some of the pillars for the sannidhi and the beautiful Shodasa Ganapatis who will be seated on the vimanam of the sannidhi. In addition, the details of [...]

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Great News – Phase 1 Redefined!


Great News - Phase I Redefined! The Rajagopuram Granite Temple project team has been extremely occupied with working towards the next steps of Phase 1. Initially, Phase 1 was the milestone that marked the completion of the Ganapati Sannidhi. But, we have some good news to add. Through the Devi’s and Guru’s divine grace and blessings, the Phase 1 is now defined by the completion of both the Ganapati and Subrahmanya Sannidhis, which is the entire East side of the new Rajagopuram Granite Temple.

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Steady Progress in Granite Carving Work in India


Steady Progress in Granite Carving Work in India Temple devotee Sri Naveen Madhudi visited Sri Muthiah Sthapathi’s workshop in Devakottai in Tamil Nadu and met with his son M. Srinivasan Sthapathi and inspected the completed stone structures of the Ganapati Sannidhi. It was assembled using shims and will be disassembled prior to shipment to Rush, NY. Prior to disassembly; punch markings will be made to facilitate the realignment of all stone blocks at the temple construction site in Rush, NY.  The finish, accuracy of stone cutting, and details are spectacular! The dome was assembled but kept separately due [...]

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Construction Progress Update – Jan 2022


Construction Progress Update - Jan 2022 The preparation of the site was completed late last year.  On Nov 17, 2021, the old access road to the temple from East River Road was replaced with a new road that follows the site plan.  Phase I temple construction is now scheduled for 2022 due to Covid-related delays in granite work happening in India.  As mentioned earlier, we plan to bid the construction package out to at least 3 pre-qualified construction contractors in February. The relocation & re-installation of the parking lot/exterior lighting poles will be executed by a reputed local [...]

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Construction Progress Update – Aug 2021


Construction Progress Update - Aug 2021 The temple house foundation removal, fill and compaction has been completed under the supervision of Sickles Corp.  The excavation for the water bodies to the south of the temple has also been completed. A new kind of Deer(e) can be spotted on the temple grounds :). We have received drawings of Foundation and Structural from Ashok and are currently under our team review. Then, we plan to bid the package out to at least 3 pre-qualified construction contractors. The relocation & re-installation of the parking lot / exterior lighting poles will be [...]

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