The Sri Vidya Temple holds “Bala Vidya” classes for children of age 5-12, so that kids can learn about our cultural, spiritual and religious traditions. Bala Vidya has monthly sessions, designed to allow for the learning of the following through various interactive ways while exploring topics such as: myths and stories, deities, naivedyam, basic philosophies of Sri Vidya such as puja, chanting and meditation. The children also participate in devotional singing, bhajans, temple arts such as creating fruit trays, charams, kolams, seva projects, temple tours, and daily living practices of Sanatana Dharma.

Bala Vidya YouTube Channel

To encourage the youth (ages 5-12) to keep learning about our divine Temple culture, we have created a new Bala Vidya Youtube channel. There are videos on puja, drawing kolam, singing, chanting, Temple deities, and more! These videos are created by our own temple youth who share a passion for creating learning materials and working with children.

We invite you to subscribe to the channel and introduce young children to the videos, so they can watch, enjoy, and keep the learning going at home.