Bathroom and Wash Area Expansion Planned for Late 2024

As the Temple has grown in its reach, with more devotees visiting than ever, it’s become clear that some of our facilities are in need of an upgrade. The current bathroom area was built in 2004, and 20 years later it no longer meets the needs of the Temple community.

To address this situation, we are planning to build a new bathroom and wash area, to include the following:

  • the current bathroom and wash area will be expanded in size
  • the number of bathrooms will be increased to at least six
  • a handwash area with multiple wash stations will be added
  • the dishwashing machine currently in the kitchen will be moved to this area
  • these facilities will be modernized, with accessibility for all

The new bathroom area will provide greater convenience for devotees and volunteers, especially when weather makes it difficult to go outdoors for washing. The project will also improve the functioning of the kitchen by opening up the space currently occupied by the large commercial dishwasher.

Planning is nearly finalized, and we hope to start this project in the fall of 2024, going into early 2025. The image below shows the current draft plan for the new bathroom and wash area; please note that the design is not final and is still under discussion.

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  • volunteering for these special improvement projects
  • spreading the word to others who may be interested in getting involved
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