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Blossom 22, Petal 3

The Sri Chakra Journal is our quarterly online journal, featuring articles on Temple culture and events, spirituality, Sanatana Dharma, Sri Vidya, Tamil devotional songs, and more. Articles featured in this issue include:

  • A look back at Navaratri Brahmotsavam 2017

  • Past Events from September 2017 to December 2017

  • 2018 Pocket Calendar

  • Balancing Your Life in the Two Modes of Existence II

  • Kundalini: A Mosaic Perspective II

  • Sata to Sahasra Chandi I

  • Kailash Yatra I

  • Thevaram: Kadhalagi Kasindhu (words and meaning)

  • Thirugnana Sambantha Murti Nayanar’s Life History III

  • Naivedyam – Thayir Sadam recipe

  • Puzzles

  • Story Time about Sri Andal II

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