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Site Work Progress


Site Work Progress After mobilizing on-site and installing the NYS-required elements, the contractor has stripped the entire site of topsoil, cut and filled the building pad to -18”, constructed to sub-grade the new driveway, and is approximately 75% complete on the storm basin construction.  No construction has been completed on the perimeter drainage or storm drainage system.  All utilities to the existing house have been disconnected and the house needs to be emptied to ready for demolition.  The existing lights and poles have been removed in preparation for relocation and we are preparing an estimate for that work.  [...]

Site Work Progress2021-06-28T04:25:13+00:00

Site Preparation Bid Awarded


Site Preparation Bid Awarded We have received bids for the site work. The contract was awarded to Sickles Corporation site preparation started on June 5, 2021.  The site preparation work entails leveling the Rajagopuram - Granite Temple Site and creating water channels for the runoff water. Temporary ponds will be dug in the surrounding area to create catches.  We have also put out a tender to receive bids for the next phase of the construction, the foundation work.  To save money in the long term and have more functional space in the larger temple basement, the Rajagopuram construction [...]

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Vanaspati Shanti Puja and Tree Removal


Vanaspati Shanti Puja and Tree Removal As previously announced, our project team has been busy getting the site prepared for construction.  The first step unfortunately entailed the removal of 32 trees at the project site. This was completed on May 24th.  The previous day (May 23rd), puja was offered to Vanadurga Devi, the goddess of forests.  Panchopachara Shanthi puja was offered to each tree to thank them for their role in this project on May 23rd.  We plan to plant four fruit trees to make up for every tree that we have lost. [...]

Vanaspati Shanti Puja and Tree Removal2021-06-28T02:00:20+00:00

Sahasranama Laksha Kumkumarchana & Mahalakshmi Homa to bless the ground


Sahasranama Laksha Kumkumarchana & Mahalakshmi Homa to bless the ground On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, Friday, May 14th, 2021 Lalita Sahasranama Laksha Kumkumarchana, and Mahalakshmi Homa were performed to bless the ground where the new Temple will be built. Devotees who could not attend in person had the opportunity to participate online throughout the day. 

Sahasranama Laksha Kumkumarchana & Mahalakshmi Homa to bless the ground2021-06-28T01:38:21+00:00

Groundbreaking ceremony and project information


Groundbreaking ceremony and project information 2021 has been a momentous year for the Rajagopuram Project, with the long-awaited groundbreaking finally taking place on April 14th, 2021.  A new, edited video of the event with additional content about the project is now available on our youtube channel. 

Groundbreaking ceremony and project information2021-06-28T02:31:28+00:00
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