Sri Chaitanyananda will Offer Two Workshops in New Jersey in March 2017

On March 25-26, 2017, Aiya will be offering two workshops in New Jersey, focusing on the question, “Do the Planets Influence Our Lives?”

Topics include: How do the Navagrahas affect us? What impact does my birth chart have on my life? Can rituals like Homas and Pujas be valuable and helpful in life? What is the relevance of Hinduism in our modern, Westernized society? (The workshop will be presented in English.)

The workshop will be presented at the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Bridgewater on Sat, Mar 25 (10am – 1pm) and at the Sri Sai Datta Peetam in South Plainfield on Sun, Mar 26 (10am – 12pm).

Please view the NJ workshops flyer for more information or go to to register. All are welcome and attendance is free of charge.