Adi Puram Chandi Homam Will Be Held August 5, 2016


Please join us for the very auspicious Chandi Homa, performed on the sacred occasion of Adi Puram. This year, Adi Puram is on August 5, and since it falls during our annual children’s Camp, the schedule will be slightly shifted.

The Chandi Homam will start a little earlier than normal, at 6 AM. Due to the children’s Camp held this week, the Chandi Homam is being held earlier in the morning. We invite you to join us for the Adi Puram Festival (10 AM) and also to enjoy the children’s Chariot Festival happening later in the day (12 PM).

Two Chandi Homam sponsorship options are available: a sankalpam sponsorship and a mangalyam sponsorship. For each of the chapters in Chandi Saptasati, purnahuti is offered.  Included in each purnahuti is an auspicious gold mangalyam, which can be sponsored. Sponsorships are available in the online Bookstore, and you can also call the Temple at 585-533-1970 or come to the Bookstore in person to sponsor.