Sri Chaitanyananda (Aiya), the Temple founder and Peetadhipati, explains that the Temple is a “Sakti Pradhana Sivalayam” dedicated to the Divine Mother Rajarajeswari.

Sri Ganapati, Sri Rajarajeswari and Lord Shiva reside here.

The influence of the Saiva tradition can be seen in the many beautiful murtis of Ardhanariswara, Siva Nataraja with Sivakami, and the Nayanmar saints, the regular performance of Pradosha Puja, and the celebration of the major Saiva festivals. The Sri Vidya tradition is expressed in the centrality of Sri Rajarajeswari, the use of Lalita Sahasranama and Khadgamala Stotras, the performance of Sri Chakra Puja or Homam on Purnima days, and the celebration of Navaratri Brahmotsavam.

The Sri Vidya is a Temple where the liberating knowledge of Divine Mother and Lord Siva flows freely towards all, and all are invited to receive divine blessings, to learn about Sri Vidya and Saiva Siddhantam, and to travel on the path that leads to the ocean of divine consciousness, love and bliss that is our beloved Rajarajeswari Amma.

Lessons and Training

In keeping with Aiya’s vision, we encourage all visitors and volunteers to participate in the Temple rituals to whatever extent they are capable. It is our mission to help everyone learn about the worship of Sri Rajarajeswari as well as the great and noble Tamil Saiva culture. We offer lessons and training to the public to achieve this.

Therefore, we are primarily a “Teaching Temple”.  In this way, we come to understand the greatness of Sanatana Dharma firsthand, and we can then pass on these noble traditions to our children.

Inclusion and Diversity

All visitors are welcome to come close to all the deities, touch their lotus feet, and perform abhishekam during the weekly Saturday Homam and Abhishekam program. As we have all come from the same Divine Mother, and we all have an equal right to worship Her. This opportunity is unique to this Temple.

Pujaris at the Temple include men, women, young and old. People of every ethnic and national background are encouraged to learn, train and perform pujas after having been initiated into Sri Vidya.