2017 Rajagopuram (Granite Temple) Project Update

As communicated earlier, with the grace of our Guru and Guru lineage, we are actively pursuing the Sri Vidya Temple’s exciting next phase–the “Rajagopuram Project.” This vital project entails the construction of a new granite Temple complete with traditional Rajagopuram, ensuring that Sri Rajarajeswari will continue to radiate divine blessings to all the devotees in a structure that can last ten thousand years. The new granite temple will provide ample space and will be an architectural masterpiece that will follow the guidelines outlined in the Kashyapa Shilpa Shastra.

Building a temple for our Divine Mother is a great service to humanity for many generations to follow and anyone who selflessly supports such a project is sure to be blessed by Devi for many lifetimes. The Agni Purana proclaims that there is no greater punya than that which comes to us from building a holy Temple for the Supreme Divinity. Even a thought of constructing a Temple is adequate to demolish sins of long standing nature and establishing a right to reach the Supreme Mother.

The estimated cost to build the new temple is USD 15 million. The costs for Phase 1 of the project to build the foundation and outer structure is expected to be in the range of USD 3-5 million. We are now approaching the USD 600K mark.

Monthly Contribution Program

The response to the monthly contribution program has been very positive and encouraging. We have seen a fourfold increase in the number of devotees enrolled in this program amounting to a fivefold increase in annual contribution. Some of the most popular monthly contribution amounts are $51 and $108, but no amount is too large or too small. These monthly contributions are easy and convenient for donors while also helping us secure a steady flow of funds towards Phase 1 of the project.

We are extremely grateful to all the donors for their contributions, and now we need to take this to the next level to secure the funds for Phase 1 of the project to establish a permanent home for our Divine Mother. More information about this program is available at srividya.org/monthlygiving.

We are currently seeking to implement improvements in our procedures, to make it even easier to set up and manage monthly donations. We will provide updates to everyone once available.

Visit by Padmasri Muthiah Sthapathi

In June 2017, we organized a visit to our temple by Sri Muthiah Sthapati, a renowned expert in Hindu temple architecture who has designed many Hindu temples around the world. This includes more than 32 temples in the USA, among them the Meenakshi temple in Houston and the Ganesh temple in Flushing, NY.

He has received numerous awards and honors including the “Padmashri” by the President of India. He also serves as the Advisor Sthapati for the Government of Tamil Nadu and oversees all official temple projects in the state. Sri Muthiah Sthapati shares a special connection with our temple, being the shilpi responsible for the beautiful vigraham of mother Rajarajeswari.

Accompanying him on this visit was Sri Ashok Mungara, a Houston based architect who developed the architectural and engineering construction documents and oversaw the construction of the Meenakshi temple, working closely with Sri Muthiah Sthapathi.

From left to right: Temple president Sri K.K. Natarajan, Sri Muthiah Sthapathi (seated), Board member Sri Pathmanabhan, Haran Aiya, Sri Ashok Mungara, Temple secretary Sri Vimalan.

During this visit,  there were detailed discussions between Sri Muthiah Stapathi, Sri Ashok Mungara, Haran Aiya and members of the temple board regarding the conceptual design of the new granite temple, which will include separate sannidhis for Devi, Ganapathi, Muruga and Shiva, and a number of other shrines as well. The conceptual design is now being developed further, and we expect to have initial plans, cost estimates and schedules within the next six months. These and other project updates will be posted to our website at www.srividya.org/rajagopuram.

How Can I Participate?

Our goal at this time is to raise USD 3-5 million towards Phase 1 of the project, which will include the foundation and outer structure of the temple. You can make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the temple construction via your financial contribution. No contribution is too large or too small. Your kind support of this auspicious project will grant you untold punyam that will bless you and your children for generations to come.

To set up a monthly contribution by credit card, please visit srividya.org/donate. You can also mail your checks payable to “SVTS”; please include “Rajagopuram Project” on the Memo line.  You can also make a one-time contribution by credit card via our website, by mailing a check, or by stopping by in person at the temple bookstore.

Help Us Spread the Word

Please spread the word to family and friends who may be interested and would like to participate in this great opportunity. If each of us can encourage more people to sign up for monthly contributions, our progress will be that much faster. In fact, if we had 2500 people donating $51 a month, we could reach our Phase 1 goal in just two years!

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact Natarajan Mama (President) at the number below, or email info@srividya.org.

The Sri Vidya Temple Society is a nonprofit organization (Tax ID 16-1489956) and your donation(s) are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.