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Join Us for the Navaratri Brahmotsavam!

  • Navaratri begins (Wed, Oct 6 at 7AM)
  • Utsavam Dates:
    • Sri Durga Utsavam (Fri, Oct 8 at 7:30PM)
      Sri Lakshmi Utsavam (Mon, Oct 11 at 7:30PM)
      Sri Saraswati Utsavam (Wed, Oct 13 at 7:30PM)
  • Vijayadasami (Thur, Oct 14)
    • Chandi Homam (5AM)
      Rathotsavam (2PM)
      Vidyarambham (6PM)
      Kedara Gauri Vratam (8PM)
  • Tirthotsavam (Fri, Oct 15 at 9:30AM)
    • Dhwajavarohanam (6PM)
  • Kulirtti Abhishekam (Sat, Oct 16 at 10AM)
    • Sri Bhairava Madai (just before lunch at 1PM)

Worship of Dasamahavidyas

This year, the powerful Dasa Mahavidyas will be worshipped throughout Navaratri. The Dasa Mahavidyas are ten highly significant forms of the supreme Mother. Just as a human mother takes on many roles in raising her child, like nourisher, protector, healer, or teacher, Divine Mother takes on countless forms in order to bless Her devotees with everything needed for material and spiritual success.

Each evening, a different Yantra Puja will be performed, in addition to the Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja that will also take place each night.


Day 1 – Wed. October 6 – Kali
Day 2 – Thurs. October 7 – Tara
Day 3 – Fri. October 8 – Bhuvaneswari
Day 4- Sat. October 9 – Tripura Bhairavi
Day 5 – Sun. October 10 – Chinnamasta
Day 6 – Mon. October 11 – Dhumavati
Day 7 – Tues. October 12 – Bagalamukhi & Mathangi
Day 8 & 9 – Wed. October 13 – Kamala

Sponsorships and Blessed Prasadam

For those who are interested in supporting the divine ceremonies and receiving blessed prasadam, there are many sponsorship opportunities. In addition to the sponsorships listed online, there are also sponsorships for sankha tirtha abhishekam, Saffron Archana and kalasa puja participation. All Navaratri sponsors will receive blessed prasadam from the auspicious events.

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All are welcome and encouraged to attend to have the blessed opportunity to witness and participate in the pujas as well as perform daily milk abhishekam with their own hands. Devotees can also take part in the procession in the evenings during Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati Utsavam, Rathotsavam and Vidyarambham.
All devotees and volunteers coming to the Temple need to register online at srividya.org/darshan. and required to follow our guidelines. Please note, all eligible individuals (ages 12+) are required to have proof of vaccination to show upon entering.
Please be sure to follow all NY state health guidelines as stated on the webpage. As state conditions change day by day, we ask that you kindly cooperate with Temple volunteers, who will be working to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.
All homas and pujas will be streamed live on the Temple’s Youtube channel, for those who are not able to come in person.
As always, if you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 585-533-1970 or 416-628-3357, and a volunteer will be happy to help you.

Helpful Information for First-Time Visitors

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